Canadian customers: Beat the exchange rate by choosing "Print and Call"

The move to Montessori Materials by Lakeview's re-designed website in recent weeks meant a move to one site with one web address for all orders and to just one currency for all transactions.

With so many international orders from our base in Canada, and U.S. dollars being the default currency of the internet, the move to U.S. currency was essentially designed to be more equal for everyone.

To compensate for the exchange rate on U.S. currency, Canadian customers who purchase online will not see any additional charge for shipping and taxes on their order. Still, exchange rates fluctuate, so we offer another option for Canadian customers: Print and Call.

Canadian customers who prefer to pay in Canadian dollars can do so by choosing "Print and Call" at checkout. Taxes and shipping charges will then be added to the order and an invoice in Canadian currency sent by email for approval. 

We're unable to offer transactions in currencies beyond U.S. and Canadian dollars.

We do strive to assist Montessori educators with the best service and materials we can provide. If there is anything we can do, ask.


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