About Montessori Materials by Lakeview

Materials designed in collaboration with Montessori teachers and experts. Whether you are in need of expansion of materials for the Pink, Blue, Green language levels or new offerings in Grammar, Word Study, Science, Math, Geography, or Culture - We do it for you!

Welcome to Montessori Materials by Lakeview, where you can find a huge selection of classroom-ready Montessori learning materials. Montessori Materials by Lakeview has served the Montessori community for almost three decades, providing materials to educators on six continents. We've become well-known for offering the most comprehensive selection of Pink, Blue and Green Level language materials available anywhere. And the name "Lakeview" is synonymous with "Objects! Objects! Objects!" to many Montessori teachers. 

Ideas for new materials often result from feedback by our customers, so we welcome your comments, suggestions, and even criticisms (constructive, please). Our goal is to produce the highest quality, reasonably priced, classroom ready materials possible.  

We've redesigned our website to offer more products, more information and, we hope, a more satisfying shopping experience. Check out the news section for announcements of new materials and events where we can meet with you face to face. 

Besides what we hope is a fresh, new look, we have improved our online security. With our website's new foundation, we comply with the industry's highest online payment and security standards.

Our hometown, where we are proudly based, is Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 

Reach us at: Montessori Materials by Lakeview, 4530-6 Rhodes Dr., Windsor, ON Canada N8W 5C2.

Call:519-974-4177 or fax 519-974-2532.

Email: info@montessorimaterialsbylakeview.com