Objects! Objects! Objects!

Please use with caution: Materials that include small parts are not intended for use by children under 3 years of age without adult supervision. 

Objects are integral to Montessori education. We stock a vast variety of objects, and include them in many of our materials as well as selling them individually and in sets. 

Objects are pictured in our online catalogue beside a real dime so you can see exactly how big they are (a dime is 1.8 cm or 11/16 inches in diameter). Objects go in and out of availability, and we may have several types of one object in stock at any moment (see "airplane" or "instrument").

If you're looking for a specific object and can't find it, try using a synonym. For instance, cougar, mountain lion and puma are 3 names for one animal; a house can be used for the word home; a cockroach is a specific kind of beetle and a specific insect, so if you need an insect, you don't necessarily need to order a cockroach.

The selection of objects shown on our website represents the items in stock when those photo sessions were held. We may have restocked with similar but slightly different objects. If we ran out of the rabbits pictured here, the new rabbits might be a different size, colour and pose – but they'll still be rabbits.  Generally, if you need a panda bear and you don't care if it's standing, sitting, lying down, eating or sleeping, as long as it's a panda bear, you can just go ahead and order it.

If the size, colour and details of an object are critical to your needs – you need that panda sitting and eating – please take few minutes to call our order desk or send us an email and describe exactly what you're looking for so that we can can make sure it's in stock before we fill your order with something you don't want and don't expect. 

And, every now and then, we come across objects that we use in our own materials. We don't load them on our website because we don't want to run out of them when we need them, but if you really need, let's see, a pump or two poinsettias, it doesn't hurt to ask.