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Each Global Newt science game can be played at multiple levels of difficulty, competitively or cooperatively, and by as few as one player, so the game can be structured to the ability and level of the player(s).

Habitat & Food Chain Games explore animal adaptations to their environment and the relationship of predators to prey, while Social Insect Games examine the basic structures of a social insect colony, stressing the need for cooperation and examining differences in physiology and behaviour of insects working for the survival of the colony.

Choose from Casa Set (Global Mania & Termite Mound) suitable for players 3+ years old, Junior Set (Aqua Mania & Bee Hive) suitable for players 6+ years old, Senior Set (Biome Mania & Ant Colony) suitable for players 9+ years old. 

Note: Casa level games can be played by pre-readers with teacher supervision and may require teacher participation for young players. Junior level games require reading skills and minimal teacher supervision. Senior level games encourage strategic play.