Ant Colony

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Each Global Newt science game can be played at multiple levels of difficulty, competitively or cooperatively, and by as few as one player, so the game can be structured to the ability and level of the player(s).

This Senior Elementary level game focuses on different roles of ants within the colony.

Players build an ant colony on the board, deploying ants as they do so.

In addition to the usual outcome of competitive play, where one player is declared the winner, Ant Colony introduces sportsmanship in competition through the concepts of conceding defeat to the other player(s) or settling the game as a draw.

For 1 to 2 individual players, or up to 6 in teams.

The set includes 18-inch game board, 75 black ants, 75 white ants, 80 colony cards with information about ants, stop-go die, plus instruction booklet.

All card materials are printed in colour and laminated.