Aqua Mania

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Each Global Newt science game can be played at multiple levels of difficulty, competitively or cooperatively, and by as few as one player, so the game can be structured to the ability and level of the player(s).

This Junior Elementary level game introduces food chains for animals that live in aquatic ecosystems - river, lake, coral reef and salt water ocean  - with 2 carnivores, 3 planktivores and 10 zooplankton in each.

Up to 4 Players move an aquatic animal through the four ecosystems, building a simplified food chain from colour-coded creature cards as they go.

The set includes 18-inch game board, 60 creature cards with a picture of the animal on the front and the name of the animal, facts about the animal and taxonomy on the back, 8 aquatic animals to use as playing pieces, a die, a control chart, plus instructions.

Creature Cards are anatomically correct, original artwork drawn and researched by a zoologist.