Bee Hive

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Each Global Newt science game can be played at multiple levels of difficulty, competitively or cooperatively, and by as few as one player, so the game can be structured to the ability and level of the player(s).

This Junior Elementary level game focuses on the cooperation of bees within a hive.  Children are cast in the role of worker bees to forage for the colony and return to turn the nectar into honey.

While doing so, they learn how workers’ roles can change, depending on the needs of the hive. For 1 to 4 individual players, or up to 8 in teams.

The set includes 18-inch game board, 8 bee playing discs (2 each of 4 colours), 40 Nectar cards with facts about bees on the back, 20 Honey cards, a die, plus instruction booklet.

All card materials are printed in colour and laminated.