Big Nuts & Bolts Set

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This set includes Shape (4 nuts and 4 bolts of the same colour, different shapes – nuts fit only on the bolts of the same shape); Colour (4 nuts and 4 bolts of the same shape, different colours – all nuts fit all bolts, assemble by colour); Shape & Colour (1 nut and 1 bolt of each of the 4 colours and shapes – each nut fits only the bolt of the same colour and shape); Mixed (4 nuts fit bolts of a different colour, but same shape).

Nuts and bolts are red, blue, green and yellow; square, hexagon, cross and triangle. Selection varies by set. Bolts measure 2-1/4 x 1-1/2 inches. Includes Nuts & Bolts and 4 plastic trays.

Set is $5.85 less than these items purchased separately.