Complete Set of Pink

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The complete classroom set of Pink Level Language materials for 2-or-3-letter phonetic words.

Card materials are printed on pink card stock and laminated. Includes all objects in the individual sets. Complete set includes PK-502 Complete Set of 12 Object Boxes, PK-503 Complete Set of 4 Secret Boxes, PK-504b Complete Set of 12 Sets of Word & Picture Cards, PK-505 Pink Picture Sheets, PK-506 Pink Word Booklets, PK-507 Basic Word Lists, PK-509s 2 Sets of 6 Sentences with Objects, PK-510s  2 Sets of 6 Sentences with Pictures, PK-512s Set of 2 Pink Story Books. 

Does not include Word Lists with Objects or Story Boards. Objects vary by availability. May not be exactly as shown.

Set is $39.60 less than these items sold separately.