Singular Plural Irregular

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18 singular and plural title cards for 9 methods of indicating singular and plural that do not follow the simple add “s” or “es” rules.

Methods covered are: change “f” to “ves” (i.e. thief, thieves); add “es” to words ending in “o” (i.e. domino, dominoes); add “s” to words ending in “o” (i.e. solo, solos); words with two plurals (i.e. index, indexes, indices); words that are the same in singular and plural (i.e. sheep, sheep); change “y” to “ies” (i.e. fly, flies); internal vowel change (i.e. tooth, teeth); words that have no plural (i.e. earth); words that have no singular (i.e. eaves).

Noun cards are 2-1/2 x 2 inches, white text on black background, printed on card stock and laminated. 102 cards in this set.

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