Termite Mound

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Each Global Newt science game can be played at multiple levels of difficulty, and by as few as one player, so the game can be structured to the ability and level of the player(s).

This Casa level game introduces the concept of social insect colonies using a termite mound as a model.

Players construct the termites using interlocking cards to match heads to bodies, depending on the insect’s role in the community, and then place them on the board where they would live (i.e. soldiers stay near or just outside the entrance to guard the colony).

Up to 3 children can play Termite Mound. Co-operative play, rather than competitive play, is recommended for this age group.

The set includes an 18-inch game board showing the interior structure of the termite mound, 30 interlocking cards to build 15 termites (1 king, 1 queen, 4 alates, 4 soldiers and 5 workers), 5 eggs, a die, a control chart, plus instruction booklet that includes information about the role of each caste of termite and suggested variations of game play.

All card materials are printed in colour and laminated.

Note: This game should be preceded by a discussion with the player(s) about the different roles of the insects - guarding, foraging, nurturing, reproduction - and why their physical makeup suits them for their specific roles. Basic information is included in the instruction booklet.